“Two worlds into one”

If you haven’t listened to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series on the Mongols called Wrath of the Khans, do so immediately.  The Mongols shaped the world into a completely different place through astonishing, brutal violence and cunning.  Nothing was able to stop them as they conquered the Muslims, the Chinese, the Russians, and the Eastern Europeans.  The way that Dan Carlin tells this tale of force and destruction is fascinating.  His narration parallels an audio book.  I must confess that I’ve listened to the entire series twice – from start to finish.

Without the background in history provided by the Wrath of the Khans, I would have brushed this BBC article aside without a second thought.  However, with the wealth of knowledge as related to me by the Hardcore History podcast, this article takes on an entirely different perspective.  My love to travel aside, the thought of experiencing Mongolia in a similar way to the traditional, nomadic Mongolians, and seeing the very steppe that gave rise to the most deadly conquerer the world has ever known with my own two eyes would be a dream come true.  To further entice me, it would seem that the current inhabitants of Mongolia are welcoming and very hospitable.  A trip through Mongolia, once something that would seem completely absurd (why bother?), has now earned its way to slot number 2 on my bucket list.

Footnote: To this day Genghis Khan’s burial tomb has never been found.  As the story goes, all who built it were killed by soldiers, then those soldiers were killed.  After his lifetime of spreading his empire from the East to the West, I just can’t imagine what the inside of his tomb would look like.  Mongols were notorious for coveting ‘loot’ and treasures and for having many, many ‘wives’. What a fantastic sight it would be to see what secrets and treasures his tomb holds.  I’d even be content with seeing pictures and the Nat-Geo issue.  

It's not a western, its Mongolia.

It’s not a western, its Mongolia.

Those little white dots are peoples homes.

Those little white dots are people’s homes.  Not kidding.


Ghosts and the Demon House of Gary, Indiana – Part 1

On this episode of R&R with Rob and Ryan, our heroes confront the specter of a demon-possessed home in Gary, Indiana.  Rob talks about the mankind’s long obsession with ghosts, spirits, and supernatural phenomena and Ryan admits that he ain’t afraid of no ghosts since he doesn’t believe in them.  Our dynamic duo walks the audience through this creepy story that hit the news recently (link here) and asks the hard-hitting questions like “Is levitating a body a demon’s most annoying trick?” and “Why did this happen in Gary, Indiana of all places?”

At the end, Rob surprises Ryan with a spooky challenge.  Does Ryan accept?  Stay tuned to find out!


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We’re BACK!! Episode 21 – Horror Movie Scale

Rob and Ryan are BACK! This month our fearless heroes lament the passing of another Halloween, but make up for it by unleashing a horror movie rating scale that aims to simplify the discussion of horror movies.  We hear them discuss some hidden gems and some classics.  If you like horror movies or just miss the podcast, get in here!

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R&R Evil Dead Commentary Episode!

During the summer of 2000, a 16 year old Rob Wunder was working at a Boy Scout camp. Largely isolated from the outside world, with no cell phone, internet, or television reception, I came across some pivotal and life changing films.  One of them has been remade and the remake will be released in less than a month’s time.  In this writers opinion, it is Sam Raimi’s best work to date.

My pure eyes and heart were first exposed to the raw and unbridled horror fest that is the Evil Dead 13 years ago.  This is the second, life changing, ‘zombie’ movie that I was exposed to, and what better setting to embrace it in than in a wood cabin in the middle of a dark forest.

To pay homage to this pivotal work, and to celebrate the upcoming release of the remake, Ryan and I have recorded a special episode of R&R and we are releasing it as sort of a commentary track. Listen to it here.