Podcast: Snowden’s Problem with Aspirin is that He Needs to Use Bitcoin When He Tries to Call for It

This week, our heroes discuss the heroism of Edward Snowden and his reply to the EU Council, and they explain the recent tragedies of Bitcoin.  Our heroes also share their favorite stories from this week in history with Rob discussing the controversial invention of aspirin and Ryan covering the controversial invention of the telephone.

The dynamic duo also introduces a new segment discussing 100% True Origin Stories of Famous Phrases.  They then finish it all off with a random rant where Ryan’s gushes about his man-crush on Pope Francis.

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Ghosts and the Demon House of Gary, Indiana – Part 1

On this episode of R&R with Rob and Ryan, our heroes confront the specter of a demon-possessed home in Gary, Indiana.  Rob talks about the mankind’s long obsession with ghosts, spirits, and supernatural phenomena and Ryan admits that he ain’t afraid of no ghosts since he doesn’t believe in them.  Our dynamic duo walks the audience through this creepy story that hit the news recently (link here) and asks the hard-hitting questions like “Is levitating a body a demon’s most annoying trick?” and “Why did this happen in Gary, Indiana of all places?”

At the end, Rob surprises Ryan with a spooky challenge.  Does Ryan accept?  Stay tuned to find out!


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We’re BACK!! Episode 21 – Horror Movie Scale

Rob and Ryan are BACK! This month our fearless heroes lament the passing of another Halloween, but make up for it by unleashing a horror movie rating scale that aims to simplify the discussion of horror movies.  We hear them discuss some hidden gems and some classics.  If you like horror movies or just miss the podcast, get in here!

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Why the News is Bad for You

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In the latest episode, our heroes discuss the evil monster known as the “News Media”.  Using the recent attack on the Boston Marathon to illustrate their point, the guys discuss why the news is actually bad for us.  Citing everything from lost productivity, to physical health problems and addiction, we learn where the problems stem from and what can be done about it.  In the end there is hope, but first we must cut off the heads of the Hydra.

R&R Evil Dead Commentary Episode!

During the summer of 2000, a 16 year old Rob Wunder was working at a Boy Scout camp. Largely isolated from the outside world, with no cell phone, internet, or television reception, I came across some pivotal and life changing films.  One of them has been remade and the remake will be released in less than a month’s time.  In this writers opinion, it is Sam Raimi’s best work to date.

My pure eyes and heart were first exposed to the raw and unbridled horror fest that is the Evil Dead 13 years ago.  This is the second, life changing, ‘zombie’ movie that I was exposed to, and what better setting to embrace it in than in a wood cabin in the middle of a dark forest.

To pay homage to this pivotal work, and to celebrate the upcoming release of the remake, Ryan and I have recorded a special episode of R&R and we are releasing it as sort of a commentary track. Listen to it here.

R&R with Rob and Ryan: Episode 16 – The Truth about Lying

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Episode 16

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Freakonomics did a podcast called “Women are not men” recently.  It really focuses on some of the themes that I covered in my post recently.  Give it a listen.  It’s very insightful and incredibly interesting.