Idea of the Day – 6/12/15

Idea: Mobile VIP Lounge

What is it?

A restaurant insert (maybe 6 x 8 x 7) for a high margin, exclusive VIP section that can be easily removed and setup in every restaurant.  It’s walls are flexible, but sturdy.  It has openings that act as windows that can be shuttered so VIP patrons will have the option to be seen or not be seen, by the other patrons.  It has a customizable, slick outer design that makes it look like a cool section.

Who wants it?

When you go to restaurants, it’s always hit or miss when a patron finds the section that provides all that they need in terms of privacy and comfort.  We want to create that feeling at any restaurant to be used and removed at the restaurant’s discretion.  The restaurant can offer access at a per minute rate or to patrons of choice.  The value for patrons is exclusivity.  The value for the restaurant is that it can insert and remove a high margin section with minimal infrastructure expense.

Channels for Sales

Getting booths at restaurant trade shows.  We can bring a prototype that will catch everyone’s attention.  Have people come in and experience a VIP section at a trade show.

Potential Problems

-Building a prototype can be difficult and expensive

-Finding customers #1-10

Thoughts?  What is your idea for the day?


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