Today’s Workout Inspiration and Motivation (and 7 reasons why its important)

This one here is all about inspiration and motivation.  Right now, in Chicago and most of the country (east of the Rockies), it’s freaking cold.  High 7F, low -15F.  It’s almost March and the 10 day forecast doesn’t show a single day above freezing.  We are also due to get a ton of snow this weekend.  But summer is coming and you want to look good.  The mantra is “I will do today what others won’t, so that tomorrow I can do what others can’t.” Yes, that means taking off your shirt when it’s warm out and feeling really good about it.  We have a vein, materialistic culture and that’s a rant for another post, another time.  Right now it’s about feeling good that you went to the gym when it was cold out.  And feeling good that you got a good workout in while others stayed home and ordered in some junk food.  Today is about you feeling good that you stuck to your commitment or resolution and the pride that comes with it.  Don’t say, “f*** it, it’s cold” instead say, “f*** it, summer is around the corner and this will pay off.” 

My workout today consisted of:

  1. 10 deadlifts
  2. 10 squats
  3. 20 kettlebell swings (28kg)
  4. 20 kettlebell shoulder swings (18kg) – 10 forward/10 side to side
  5. 15 box jumps (box slightly higher than the tops of my knees)
  6. 2 elbow/toe army crawl with kettlebell advancement (18kg – crawl over a kettlebell on your elbows and toes, rise to your hands, lift kettlebell forward with one hand, get back down to your elbows, crawl over it again, lift it with the other hand)
  7. Do this set 3 times with minimal rests in between exercises and sets.

Why this workout important:

  1. Most of your power and strength comes from your lower body.
  2. The largest muscles are in your lower body. Just by having muscle burns calories.  Working these muscle groups out means that your are burning way more energy in your off time.
  3. Deadlifts are among the top/best exercises  you can do for all around health.
  4. This workout will increase your heart-rate and burn more calories both during and after.
  5. You are hitting the slow and fast twitch muscle groups.
  6. Your ‘rest’ sets (army crawl/shoulder swings) are hitting your core, shoulders and back, but not to a point where you can’t work them in on your upper body day (tomorrow : ).
  7. and maybe the most important reason to do this: You don’t want to be these guys.
Quit whining.  Now's the time so you don't wish later that you just did it.  (Like how I worked in that sunrise pic?)

Quit whining. Now’s the time so you don’t wish later that you just did it. (Like how I worked in that sunrise pic?)


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