A Spectacular Sunrise Picture to Start Your Day

This winter has been long and painful.  Nothing like a nice Polar Vortex to start things off, followed by some really friggin’ cold weather and a whole bunch of snow… that began melting and has now turned into solid ice.  The upside of all this cold it that it has afforded me the opportunity to capture some really amazing sunrise photos for you to enjoy.  I live in Chicago and the body of ice in the photo is Lake Michigan.  The beauty of this image takes the icy edge off the frigid air.  Just a note, the lines in the lake are not waves;  rather it is all ice and snow.  Enjoy!

Icy Lake Michigan

Icy Lake Michigan


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Typically wearing a fragrance of ethnic food mixed with cannabis, I'm well read, curious, and multidimensional. So, like, don't try and stereotype me, man.

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