Ghosts and the Demon House of Gary, Indiana – Part 1

On this episode of R&R with Rob and Ryan, our heroes confront the specter of a demon-possessed home in Gary, Indiana.  Rob talks about the mankind’s long obsession with ghosts, spirits, and supernatural phenomena and Ryan admits that he ain’t afraid of no ghosts since he doesn’t believe in them.  Our dynamic duo walks the audience through this creepy story that hit the news recently (link here) and asks the hard-hitting questions like “Is levitating a body a demon’s most annoying trick?” and “Why did this happen in Gary, Indiana of all places?”

At the end, Rob surprises Ryan with a spooky challenge.  Does Ryan accept?  Stay tuned to find out!


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About TheCorporateBuddha

Typically wearing a fragrance of ethnic food mixed with cannabis, I'm well read, curious, and multidimensional. So, like, don't try and stereotype me, man.

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