Ryan’s 5 Favorite readings for the week

This is what Ryan is reading these days…

How to Buy Happiness: Paying for experiences with others gives the highest return on a happiness investment

The Case Against Empathy: People empathize with what happens to an individual, but it’s impossible to empathize with what happens to all individuals.  This leads to a societal over-support of some causes and under-support of larger causes (ex. “each day, more than ten times the number of people who died in Hurricane Katrina die because of preventable diseases, and more than thirteen times as many perish from malnutrition.”)

How to Have a Longer Marriage than Kim Kardashian:  There are 4 relationship traits that can be used to successfully predict 93% of marriages that end in divorce!

The 5 Ugly Lessons Hiding in Every Superhero Movie: We’re tired of rooting for the underdog in superhero movies.  If this guy is right, we are all becoming Yankees fans!

31 Charts That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity: Slowly but surely, we’re getting better.  Every so often, it helps to take a step back and remember that.


Bonus video: David Foster Wallace’s speech at Kenyon College


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