Don’t let ’em win.

In the wake of the recent events in Boston, it doesn’t feel right to craft a post that does not touch on them. I have chosen write about an aspect of these events that is likely going to be a pivotal offshoot of this madness (if history has taught us anything).  

Recently there has been significant news coverage of the US government debating the use of unmanned drones to strike targets on American soil.  With the controversy that dilemma has created, it has divided many people.  Post 9/11 many of our rights were signed away “because we are at war” and to “save American lives” and to “prevent another terror attack.” While I find any acts of terror despicable, abhorable  and downright cowardly, I don’t think that justice should come at the cost of American freedoms, which we hold so dearly.  

If we take a look at what happened to our airports during the last decade, it is evident that our reaction to 9/11 is a barbaric security process. Last year the mismanaged TSA was described as broken by it’s former head.  It doesn’t have to be this way.   

I would enjoy nothing more than to rest easy each night, content with the knowledge that the two individuals involved in the Marathon Bombing are suffering the same fate promised to Zed by Marsellus Wallace in Pulp Fiction.  “I’ma get medieval on your ass.  You hear me talkin’, hillbilly boy! I ain’t done with you by a damn sight.”  That’s the kind of fate that people who bring down a couple of towers or bomb a marathon deserve. I couldn’t imagine cheering at the sidelines for my girlfriend or her friends, hearing an explosion, and then waking up in a hospital without an arm and a leg and powder burns covering 78% of my body.  I just couldn’t.  Writing that seems, just….foreign.  But that’s the reality that dozens of people are living through right now.

It’s stories like this tend to get sensationalized and are used for sometimes nefarious means by individuals pursuing an agenda.  As unimaginably terrible as the aforementioned scenario is, in America, situations like these are one off and generally unrepeatable events and the bottom line is, we can’t let the terrorists win by allowing our freedoms to erode with the political reaction to each event. Plenty has been written and discussed with regards to what was taken away from us by the Patriot Act (A quick Google search of “Patriot Act freedoms lost” will provide you with more info than I could ever link to in this article) and we can’t let that happen ever again.  America is great for all of the freedoms that we enjoy.  Our lives led here surpass the wildest dreams of millions of people.  There is a lot that makes this country great and the cornerstone is the freedom that we enjoy every day.  Taking away our freedom is the same thing as allowing the terrorists win.  Enough of us need to stand our ground to protect our rights and freedoms.  When we lose our freedoms, we lose our greatness.  When we lose our greatness, the terrorists will have won.





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