Narcissism, Gym Etiquette, and the Most Important Person in the World: You

I read this article today about how we are becoming more narcissistic with the increase of electronic devices and services catering to the individual.  Long story short, with our little ‘bubble worlds’ revolving around us, our interests, our likes, and our social networks, we have begun to believe that the rest of the world revolves around our needs and desires and wants to deliver everything it can to our Id.  Well, I have news for you, buddy: YOU ARE NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN THE WORLD. 

"She is the most important person in the world. Are you her?"

“She is the most important person in the world. Are you her? Y/N”

Let me restate that: You are not the most important person in the world. <Period>  End of story.  You are part of a multitude of human beings – about 7 billion – and you are far, far from the most important.  There is a long, long line of other humans who came before you, and an unknown number who will come after you.  You are here for a short period of time in which you will participate with other humans in the Great Human Experiment that is testing our species to see if we can keep our shit together, or if we are going colossally fuck up and end ourselves.  You live on a small ‘marble’ hurtling through space, not unlike many other ‘marbles’ orbiting around many other stars.  What happens on this earth is of little consequence to anything else in this universe; it only matters to us humans and the flora and fauna that we share this world with.  So stop thinking that you are so important.  Seriously, stop it.  The only thing that matters is your usefulness to other humans and the way that you impact the rest of humanity. That is the only way that you can effect any meaningful and positive change in this this world.  In tandem with that thought, we are all part of the same ecosystem, and our ability to use resources does have a large impact (of course when multiplied by a lot of us) on the present and future of the world. 

Which brings me to my point on proper gym etiquette.  Every single weekday I go to the gym.  Every single weekday morning finds me there getting ready for work.  And every single day I am forced to watch these narcissistic, oblivious schmucks waste gallons of water as they leave the hot water on full blast while they shave or brush their teeth.  I’ve seen guys go back to their locker because they forgot something or walk away to do something unrelated and just leave the hot water running.  To demonstrate the inconsideration for the larger world and others around you is most certainly improper etiquette. There is absolutely no reason for flagrant waste. It is the absurd sense of narcissism and entitlement referenced above that these fuck-tards embody to the fullest and fosters waste proliferation. (Note: these are also some of the same guys who somehow manage to get more water around the sink than in the sink and just walk away without cleaning up after themselves. If I catch someone doing this in person I’ll slice them open with the disposable Bic razors provided by the gym (and I don’t use)).   Water scarcity is real and so is the threat of having widespread freshwater concerns during our lifetime. It is not ok to waste resources. Simple, simple shit like turning lights off when you are not using them, not running the water while you brush your teeth and shave don’t take much effort, but throughout the course of a year, your lifetime, it adds up.  Now multiply that times thousands of oblivious narcissistic self-enshrouded, cock-gobbling, scrotum-cupping douchebags and that behavior results in a profound impact on an ecosystem.  Flagrant waste is not ok.  It is a cardinal sin against the world, humanity, and it goes against the role that we have as members of Earth and humanity.  This is only exacerbated by the fact that millions of people are forced to do without every day (referring to water here, but it applies to much more).  Now before you go on to comment about the plastic and rubbish and food that we waste every day and that giant, fucked up garbage patch in the Pacific Ocean, just let me make my point.  If we – if every single person – dropped the narcissism and behaved with the idea in mind that they are part of a larger group that either suffers or benefits according to their every day choices, then we might actually reduce the negative impacts that we are having on our only home world.  

I know it sounds like Communism, but if we fuck this planet up in the next hundred years, maybe the rich will escape to a Mars colony, but the rest of humanity is going to choke to death on our decisions while sun burned on an uninhabitable rock.  It’s not about me, it’s not about you, it’s about US.  And its about us thinking about us and trying to be better for good of everything. It takes very little to be mindful that you share this world every day with tons of other people and your behavior has an impact.  Whether you think it does or not doesn’t change the fact that your decisions have consequences.  The ‘bubble world’ that we sometimes live in, might keep certain things out, but it doesn’t stop our shit from stinking.


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