R&R Evil Dead Commentary Episode!

During the summer of 2000, a 16 year old Rob Wunder was working at a Boy Scout camp. Largely isolated from the outside world, with no cell phone, internet, or television reception, I came across some pivotal and life changing films.  One of them has been remade and the remake will be released in less than a month’s time.  In this writers opinion, it is Sam Raimi’s best work to date.

My pure eyes and heart were first exposed to the raw and unbridled horror fest that is the Evil Dead 13 years ago.  This is the second, life changing, ‘zombie’ movie that I was exposed to, and what better setting to embrace it in than in a wood cabin in the middle of a dark forest.

To pay homage to this pivotal work, and to celebrate the upcoming release of the remake, Ryan and I have recorded a special episode of R&R and we are releasing it as sort of a commentary track. Listen to it here.


About TheCorporateBuddha

Typically wearing a fragrance of ethnic food mixed with cannabis, I'm well read, curious, and multidimensional. So, like, don't try and stereotype me, man.


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