Happy Darwin Day!!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy Darwin day. Modern biology, modern science, and our enlightened civilization owe him a lot. It is imperative that we recognize Darwin’s theory of evolution as a turning point for science and the beginning of the enlightened age that we live in (though progress is still being made). I would like to make a statement today that has been made before: creationism is a MYTH. Most of the world is past the point of believing in myths and the sooner that believers of this myth can get over themselves and open their minds to the amazing world of science, the sooner that can appreciate the incredible world and universe we live in.

I just saw a mind blowing video on physics and dark matter yesterday that raises so many awesome questions, that if somebody would have come up to me right then and said the word “creationism” I would have slapped the teeth out of their mouth. There is so much cool stuff about science and evolution that answer many “why’s” and raise many more “why’s and how’s” that there is no room for holding on to myths. Apparently a poll showed that 46% of Americans believe in creationism. People are entitled to their beliefs, but to me believing in creationism is just more of this. (All three links are awesome, but if you click on only one, make it this one.)


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  1. The thing that always impressed me about Darwin is that he took his questions and traveled the world to find the answers. One common misconception though is that this thirst for knowledge is unique to those who believe in evolution.

    Not all who believe in creationism and intelligent design do so by completely shunning the intelligent outside world or by actively lying to themselves. The beauty in our circumstance as animals capable of intellectual thought is that we can pursue more information and constantly weigh the value of all of the new info coming our way. Those individuals who follow creationism and intelligent design even as they actively pursue more info are in the position where the theory of evolution has left them wanting. Does that make them less intelligent or even stupid?

    A deceivingly difficult exercise is to ask yourself why you believe what you believe. Do you believe in evolution because you think it makes sense to you? If so, do you not believe in things that don’t make sense to you? Do you believe in evolution because those who should know (scientists) have told you it’s obvious and that anyone who doesn’t believe is wrong? If so, do you think Darwin should have accepted the pre-evolutionary theory because experts told him it was obvious?

    In short, the question I have is, “when is it the right time to stop questioning?” The only answer I have for that is “never.”



  2. Damn straight – Darwin was a brave visionary whose theories and hypotheses will be proved sooner or later, to the satisfaction of even the most narrow-minded of people.

    How anyone can think that the Earth went from one person (Adam) with presumably just one language to billions of people with hundreds if not thousands of languages is beyond me. You have to be a real idiot to actually believe we went from CroMagnon –> Neanderthal –> Stone Age –> Bronze Age –> Renaissance –> Industrial Revolution –> Digital Revolution in just 6000 years.

    Check my blog to see my thoughts on this subject…I guarantee they make a lot more sense!

    Cheers 🙂


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