Ryan’s Lunch Date Rejection

When I was exiting a taxi coming back from lunch, a presumably homeless lady stopped me .  This small lady asked me to not be scared of her.  I told her not to worry and that I wasn’t scared.

She then asked me for $3 to go buy a foot long.  Having had a TV for the past few years, I recognized that would leave her a couple dollars short.  To avoid the issue, I offered to walk her to Subway and purchase the sandwich with her.  She then said that she didn’t like Subway.


She said she preferred another sandwich place down the street.  I offered to walk her to that other place and asked her what kind of sandwich she’d like.  She said that she wants a ham and cheese sandwich, but will just get the $3 from someone else.

I don’t want to think she was going to use the money for something else, but the other option is that she just really didn’t want to grab a sandwich with me.

Please have a sandwich with me!

Have you ever tried helping someone out and have things not work out the way you wanted?


About TheCorporateBuddha

Typically wearing a fragrance of ethnic food mixed with cannabis, I'm well read, curious, and multidimensional. So, like, don't try and stereotype me, man.

One comment

  1. I’ll have lunch with you buddy. Any time you want. : )

    More to your point, this reminds me of the time that I was on the Red Line going to work and this bum crossed into my train car (mind you this is a crowded rush hour train) and started yelling. His voice was all distorted and weird sounding, and he was going on about how he and cancer and blah blah blah. Well this one guy stood up and started confronting him. The guy told the bum how he worked for a service that helped the homeless and less fortunate and that he could get him help, etc. Well, the bum didn’t want ANY part of it. He moved away as soon as he could and continued down the train. I’ve seen him again from time to time, always on the Red Line, and more often than not I see the same bums working the same areas. I think a lot of them spend what they make on substance abuse and I think it really hurts the actual homeless who are legitimately struggling. I think you have the right idea to take someone who is hungry to lunch. If someone needs food and you are willing to provide the $, make it a shared experience. Hopefully it works out next time.


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